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Laboratorium Pieśni

Photo: Anna Maria Biniecka

For the first time in Norway it is our honor to introduce Laboratorium Pieśni Live @Naturefest. The band has fans all over the world and is renowned for their etheric sound.

Laboratorium Pieśni – Song Laboratory (world/ethno/spiritual/mystic folk music) is a female group of singers from Poland, created in 2013. Using traditional, polyphonic singing they perform songs from all over the world, mainly: Ukraine, Balkans, Belarus, Georgia, Scandinavia, Poland and many other places. They sing a capella as well as with shaman drums and other ethnic instruments (shruti box, kalimba, flute, gong, zaphir and koshi chimes, singing bowls, rattles etc.), creating a new space in a traditional song, adding voice improvisations, inspired by sounds of nature, often intuitive, wild and feminine.

The group will bring with them their new album Hé oyáte. Laboratorium Pieśni has more than 180k followers on you tube and their song Sztoj pa moru has more than 13 mln plays.

Natureworkshop for the children. we go out in the nature and see what we find and then make something with it.
Runeworkshop, here the children get to learn about the runes and make their own rune that they can take home with them. Through play and creativity they learn about Norse cultural heritage.
Meet E Varg Gráfeldinn founder of Eldengaard. He works with nordic iron age archeology and immaterial cultural heritage. He is a handicrafter and reprodices archeological finds. He will advice the children in woodcarving and will have a central role in the recreation of the Nerthus ritual.
 Dag Linnerud is the author of runenes magiske verden. Dag has grat knowledge of Norse mythology and is himself a practioner of Norse shamanism. With him is Bonnie Rungarunga who is Maori and shamanic practioner. They are both driven by their engagement to front and revitalize Norse immaterial culture. At this year’s Naturefest, an ancient fertility ritual is recreated in honor of the goddess Nerthus, who symbolizes Mother Earth. The ritual has its origins in an old Northern European cult practice. The goddess who was worshiped was called Nerthus by the Roman historian Tacitus who described the ritual in the year 98 CE. The ritual includes, among other things, a procession, purification with water, a sacrifice and a fire ceremony, where you will hear more about the fertility cult in the pre-Christian era.

Seremonien ledes av Dag-Rune Linnerud og Bonnie Rungarunga. Det er ønskelig at alle deltar i prosesjonen som går gjennom festivalområdet og tar på seg noe hvitt for anledningen.
Meet Jens Heimdahl at this year’s Nature Festival. Jens is an archaeobotanist at the state’s historical museum in Stockholm and researches the cultivation, collection and use of plants in ancient times. He will give the lecture traces of magical and ritual plant use in pre-Christian Scandinavia.
Meet Gunnar Larsson, founder of Gothenburg City Shamanism. Gunnar has Lule and Forest Sami roots and describes himself as a shaman-practicing witch. He is a social worker and a punk. Get an insight into how shamanism is used in nature activism. Here is Gunnar’s description of Gothenburg City Shamanism: An association for people with their own experiences of psychosocial oppression, where we heal ourselves by arranging restoration ceremonies for society’s outcasts from the past and from our own time.
Meet Istvàn Zsolt Baràt, founder of 4 elements school and Hungarian shaman. He is one of the leading tradition bearers of Hungarian shamanism, artist, ceremony leader, singer and drum maker. He will be at Naturefest 2023 where you can experience him in several contexts. Among other things, he wants to teach how to use the voice. A course that was full last year and therefore strongly wanted us to run again.
Meet the Naturefest troll. At Naturefest, the myths become reality and walk side by side with us humans. Fortunately, Naturefest is trolled by the friendly variety who are happy to hand out candy to the children.
Meet Gro Hilseth Adriansdatter at Naturefest. Gro is an experienced ceremony leader and has the main responsibility for leading the opening ceremony at Naturefest. Gro is also a director of the Shamanist Association. You will meet Gro in several contexts during Naturefest23
Meet Knut Fuglesteg at Naturefest 23. Knut has a lifelong knowledge of nature and received an initiation and handover of traditional shamanistic knowledge early in his life. As a reindeer herder and mountain guide, he has lived in close contact with nature and what lives there. He is a director of the Shamanist Association and also sits on the executive board.⁠
Meet Finn Bugge at Naturefest 23. He is a minister in Vestfold and Telemark and has extensive experience in leading ceremonies. At Naturefest you get to experience him as part of the sound journeys and also in several contexts.