Info in English

Naturefest 2023 is held at Motangen in Blaker fairly close to gardermoen airport. If you dont mind sleeping in the commonroom (Indoors) you can rent a space there for the weekend. Or you can bring your own tent, hammock or campervan. 

Experience and participate in Naturefest. A shaman gathering that celebrates and revitalizes the Norse and Saami Shamanic culture. There is surprisingly many from abroad that chooses to travel to this rural place to celebrate. First and foremost because at Naturefest they find a living culture, not just and reenactment. Then they fall for our grassroot approach to the gathering. Last year there where as far as we know 9 different nationalities represented in addition to the Norwegian nationalities.

Nature Festival is four days filled with games, ceremonies, drumming, healing, alternative market and music. But what people remember best is the good meeting, the good conversations around the fire. Here memories are created for life and the festival is completely drug free. Four days, with proximity to nature, a time to joy, a time for contemplation. Let everyday stress disappear with friends (Also those you have not met yet) and rediscover the sacred in nature, both inside and outside. We are based on voluntary work and together with you we create an unforgettable festival. All are welcome.


There is places for rent in a commonroom (Bring earplugs). Bring mattress and sleepingbag. Or you can bring your own tent for more privacy. There will be foodstalls and a cafe nearby where you can buy ready meals or you can cook your own on the foodfires that we will lit in the evening. Making food on the ceremonial fire is not allowed.

You can choose your accomodation when you order tickets

Tentspace 300,- NOK

Commonroom weekend 500,- NOK

Commonroom per Night 200,-NOK

Who we are

Nature Festival wants to revitalize the shamanic traditions found in the north and consider us as bearers of the immaterial spiritual and religious cultures of Norway but also welcome simmilar shamanic cultures native to Europe and the world. Our goal is to create an arena for cultural exchange and for this we created the Nature Festival for you and for anyone who finds the sacred on Mother Earth. We are an ideal grassroot festival that wants to create memories for life, which is why we call it summer’s most beautiful adventure.


There is a limited opportunity for english speakers to volunteer. If accepted you will get free entrance, accomodation in commonroom and food (no special diets). You will still need to bring your own tent.. If interested send a mail to sjamanforbundet (at) and mark it volunteer.