Code of conduct

Trommen står i fokus på Naturefest. Foto: Elaine Gregory

As a participant at Nature Festival, I understand that I share the responsibility with the other participants to safeguard the good energy and the wellbeiing of everyone. My actions affect others, so I promise to comply with the guidelines as best I can

I understand that the ceremony area is sacred and that you are not throw rubbish, cigarettebutts or spit at the ceremony area or in the ceremony fire. The ceremonial area is a place of profound contemplation and prayer, also beyond the ceremonies, I promise to respect others’ processes and ceremonies to the best of my ability.

I understand that there are other truths than my own and I promise to respect that others may have other opinions than my own.

I will respect the desire to keep the gathering drug and alcohol free to maintain the good energy and to everyone’s best.

I understand that drums, rattles and other ceremonial objects should not be touched. It is allowed to ask to see and try. But I will respect a no if the owner does not want this.

Everybody has a responsibility for people to feel welcome, if you see someone who is alone, include them.

If a situation occurs, please contact the council. The council is there to resolve any situations and may ultimately choose to expel people. The council consists of persons with positions in SF and at least one person who is neutral. Council decisions are final.

I will take responsibility for the area being clean and tidy. I pick up after myself and also if I see trash lying around.